Global Survey of Corneal Transplantation and Eye Banking

“Corneal dystrophies” is the umbrella term for a group of genetic eye disorders that cause the accumulation of abnormal material in the outer layer of the eye. This accumulation can be progressive, and causes the sufferers’ eyesight to worsen over time. While some of those with a corneal dystrophy are able to lessen their symptoms with eye drops, ointments and lasers, those with more severely deteriorating eye sight are required to under go a corneal transplant known as a keratoplasty. This procedure has the ability to transform sufferers’ lives by replacing a clouded cornea with healthy tissue, restoring eyesight. However, findings show that only a limited number of sufferers with advanced symptoms of corneal dystrophy have access to the transplant they need. The American Medical Association have recently published a ground breaking report exploring the worldwide state of corneal transplants and eye banking. To save you some time, researches at Tej Kohli have extracted the key facts and figures and placed them in an easily digestible infographic. Read on to learn more…