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18 August 2016

Adbullah Story [Infographic]

We have an amazing success story from a LVPEI patient whose life has been changed through the treatment he received. Adbullah first came into the care of the LVPEI as a premature baby. He had an advanced case of Retinopathy of Prematurity, which sadly left him blind. He was treated with laser surgery amongst other complex procedures in an attempt to restore some partial sight. The procedures were a success and through the help of the rehabilitation team, he was able to attend a mainstream school and has graduated top of his class in the whole school. The dedication of the team at the LVPEI, Tej Kohli Foundation and the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute means stories like Adbullah’s are becoming more and more frequent and the help they are able to give to patients suffering from these awful conditions is inspiring. Take a look at Adbullah’s journey with the LVEPI below:
TKCI Infographic