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About Tej Kohli

Tech Entrepreneur
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Tej Kohli’s background in electrical engineering, which he studied at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, has informed and driven his career as a tech entrepreneur. Through the development of early e-commerce platforms, he built a detailed understanding of how technology interacts with human needs. It is this, and his keen eye for detail, that has enabled him to identify key technological innovations to invest in for the future.

The future is being driven by technology. As such Mr Kohli understands the need to be a part of the technological ecosystem of the future. He knows that the world can be changed by one good idea. It is this that drives his entrepreneurial spirit and what encourages him to invest in the innovators of the future.


At the core of Tej Kohli’s vision for the future is a belief in the power of sustainable growth. This not only provides the fundamental building blocks of his business, it also drives his philanthropic efforts.

Mr Kohli believes that it is far more powerful to give people the power to build a better life for themselves than to simply fund their ongoing care. That is why much of his philanthropic efforts have been focused on the prevention and cure of blindness. The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute is dedicated to providing treatment and care for individuals in India who have been affected by curable corneal blindness. To-date, the institute has helped to treat over 578, 225 people and the sultan of Oman recently invited Mr Kohli to open another institute, this time in Muscat.

International businessman

Mr Kohli’s business interests span the globe and his hands on approach to his investments means that he requires a thorough understanding of each market he operates in. As such, the Kohli headquarters are maintained in London – the ideal situation for spanning both Eastern and Western timezones.

To keep on top of the opportunities provided by emerging markets, he also has offices in Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Miami, San Jose and Vancouver – each ideally situated to capitalise on on a variety of developing investment sectors.The support he provides for businesses in each of these territories is both global and local in it's outlook – resulting in the best opportunities for growth.

Fintech specialist

Years of experience operating in the fintech sector and investing in burgeoning FinTech companies and innovations has given Tej Kohli an unquestionable expertise in what it takes to succeed. Acting as both a technological expert and an industry mentor he has helped to realise multiple innovations in the sphere.

However, for financial technology to make the long-term global change it is capable of, it needs to move beyond the elite financial and technological circles and truly begin to speak to a wider range of businesses and consumers. FinTech must become something that is not only accessible to everyone, but understood and trusted by the broader public.

Always on the lookout for the next great idea, Mr Kohli operates Kohli Ventures as a way of providing financial and advisory support to the next generation of entrepreneurs.